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Biggly Body Index

This page offers an online BMI calculator but much more than that, it's a BBI calculator!

BMI stands for Body Mass Index and it is an official medical definition but it suffers from a major problem, which is that it is pretty useless for bodybuilders. A lean ripped bodybuilder is likely to score highly on the BMI, with a false fat or "obese" classification.

In contrast to the BMI the Biggly Body Index or BBI takes a variety of different aspects of your physique and then calculates an overall score, up to a maximum of 100%.

To be 100% Biggly is not easy. It is more than simply "not fat" and you'll score low if you're too skinny too, because it is based around the ideal human physique, such as the ideal hip to waist ratio etc.

What's YOUR BBI?

  0-10%    See a doctor!
10-20%   You have no sex appeal whatsover
20-30%   You're defintely human but...
30-40%   Oh dear
40-50%   OK, you're about average. Now about your diet...?
50-60%   Hey, have you been working out?
60-70%   Looking good - but as a bodybuilder you need some work
70-80%   Ooh!
80-90%   You're in the top 5% of gorgeous physiques!
90-100%  You's BIGGLY!

If you're truly 100% Biggly send a photo and I'll put it on the site!

Take the Biggly Challenge

The Biggly Diet & Exercise Software can use either metric (kilograms, centimeters)
or Imperial (pounds, inches etc) The form below is Imperial, ie all measurements are in INCHES
Are you Male or Female?
Age [ 12 - 99 ]
Height, in inches (12 inches to a foot) [ 52 - 90 ]
Weight, in pounds (lb) (2.2 Pounds = Kg) [ 75 - 400 ]
Hip measurement [ 24 - 50 ]
Waist measurement [ 19 - 60 ]
Chest [ 30 - 60 ]
Neck [ 9 - 22 ]
Thigh [ 17 - 36 ]
Calf [ 10 - 25 ]
Bicep (make a muscle!) [ 9 - 35 ]
Forearm [ 6 - 20 ]
Wrist [ 4 - 12 ]
You are % Biggly!
your boring BMI is
Note that the Biggly Diet &  Exercise Software also includes skinfold caliper measurement for more precise accuracy. This online version is approximate only.
To truly measure your BBI and to track it, your diet and workouts over time, download the
free demo of Biggly now!

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