Bodybuilding Routines That Work.

Shred Fat And Build Muscle With Confidence
From Alan Carr

They knew the powerful, effective bodybuilding "routines" that worked, back in 1948!

Even with the right techniques, no bodybuilding routine stays effective for long, precisely because your body is doing exactly what you want it to do - adapt!

As such, when I set out to create a definitive guide to natural bodybuilding I did not create a whole bunch of different routines, for you to pick from at random. Nope. Here's what I did:

As well as a full breakdown of many other parts of bodybuilding, especially nutrition, the actual exercises themselves and so on, I created something rather special...
Change your Workout Frequently
The Biggly system gives you a massive 6 months of workout routines for optimum bodybuilding progress, without over-training.

You don't have to follow it exactly but the closer you do the faster you'll develop a ripped and muscular physique. It's like painting by numbers!

The Biggly Body Plan. Silly name, serious techniques - that work.
No More "Secrets"!
I don't know about you but I'm sick to death of seeing people selling "the secrets to bodybuilding"!

Listen, back in 1948, in fact back in 1908, many men had the kind of body most of us would kill for today, in 2009.

Decade.... after decade... of bodybuilding success, but we're to believe that somehow there's this special club of muscular men, sworn to keep the "secrets"? And nobody EVER spilled the beans before eh?

There are certainly techniques you need to know, knowledge you have to have, to avoid wasting time and energy with ANY workout routine. You need to know about:
Maintaining Your Motivation - The No1 Success Method
Monitoring, of your diet, measurements, workouts etc
Training Methods
Bodybuilding Diet - Basics
Bodybuilding Diet - Advanced Techniques
Controlled Recovery
Reps, Sets, Sessions and Schedules
Tempos and Rest Periods
Range of Motion
The 4 Methods of Muscle Growth
Your Set Point
Muscle Memory
Why Conventional Diets Don't Work
Cutting Techniques
How Many Calories You Need
Bulking Up
Pre and Post Workout Nutrition
Avoiding Injuries - and training when injured
Why you should NOT wear a belt outside of competitions
Stretching exercises - and When
Heart Rates - Fat Burning, Aerobic, Anaerobic
Exercises - Illustrated and Explained
And some other stuff, but it's turning into a long list so I'll stop there.

With the Biggly Body Plan all the above are covered, in fact I just grabbed those from the table of contents!

Once you have in-depth knowledge of bodybuilding techniques you will save time (get faster results), avoiding being ripped off by the latest fads and "secret routines", and instead just go ahead and build your body, the way you want it!

That's why they STILL call it "bodybuilding" ;o)

Imagine being able to just make a decision on what kind of body you want? Here's a tip:

When I developed "the bodybuilder's BMI", ie the Biggly Body Index, I dug up all the research I could find on just what exactly women want in a man's body. My aim was to define the sexiest body, not necessarily the most muscular. To be fair to the ladies I then studied what the average man wants most in a woman's body (apart from himself!) and developed my bodybuilding software to give a "score" on the Biggly Body Index.

I discovered, put in simple terms although the Biggly formula is pretty complex, that the Calvin Klein model is the ultimate turn on for women. That's muscular, 6 pack, lean - but not too bulky. You might want to consider that info before deciding on which body to build for yourself!

No Fluff, No Adverts, Just The Facts
As I say, there ARE no great secrets in bodybuilding. Well OK, here's a 'big' one:

Most bodybuilding magazines are owned by the companies that make supplements. The majority of serious bodybuilders already know that, newbys often get caught out. I stand by what I say though, unless you consider the fact that many "superstar" bodybuilders take anabolic steroids to be a secret, there just aren't that many.

In truth you don't need secret bodybuilding routines, you don't need ANY "forbidden" secrets and for the most part you don't even need supplements, asides from supplementing your actual diet. What you DO need is the proven and established knowledge of generation of bodybuilders, going back to ancient Greece, and probably further.

You'd think such basic information would be easy to find but not so. Everywhere you look it seems people have a hidden agenda, most commonly to push supplements but also their "secret" routines and workout methods.

The Biggly Body Plan is different. There are no affiliate links, no links to supplement companies, no "upsells" to anything else (apart from my software of course!) and I'm not trying to brand myself as the internet bodybuilding guru, with "The Bodybuilding Secrets". Nope.

Just the facts.

Why You Need Biggly
The real reason you should download The Biggly Body Plan today is not because I reveal Turbo-Charged Secret Ninja Forbidden Knowledge (T-C SNFK) but because of the success of my bodybuilding software.

Why so?

Because the most powerful element of my software is that it maintains people's motivation. That's an incredibly important thing, in fact nothing works without it. But over the years I've seen just WHY it does that so well, and it's really quite simple, in fact you've probably guessed...

By tracking and monitoring, proving just what works for them and what doesn't, actually seeing the results on their graphs and so on, my software customers have confidence in what they're doing.

Ask me "What's the most important thing in bodybuilding?" and along with the classic "Protein!" I'll always say "Motivation...". However it's literally impossible to maintain motivation when deep down you're not sure if you're following the right advice or methods!

Getting off the sofa to go work-out can be hard enough, without creeping doubts that maybe your "guru" developed some wacky ideas, more to build their reputation than because they're proven to actually work for most people (without steroids or dubious "secrets").

Bodybuilding has been around too long for anyone to claim to have discovered it. It's like organic medicine. You can't patent it so instead they claim to have added "secret ingredients" and "brand" themselves as a guru. The problem is that when they "add something" to proven methods they're at best diluting, at worst polluting the advice they're giving you!

Deep down you know that, yet they know that at the time you'll be swept up by their outrageous claims and teasing bullet points. Here's MY advice - stop being jerked around by gurus and instead just go ahead and build the body you want and deserve, by following proven methods and techniques that work and are no great secret - AFTER you get past all the fluff and garbage out there.

The Biggly Body Plan
200 pages


Instant Download
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Experiment With What Works Best For You

And not with "What works?"

We already know WHAT works and with 200 pages of proven plain language facts, tips and techniques, the Biggly Body Plan will finally let you work out with confidence. That's much more powerful and useful to you than any over-hyped workout routines, supplement stacks, or anything else.

It's still worth experimenting and you should change your routines around, but keep within what worked 5 years ago or even 50 years ago. Round wheels are still the best shape!

Don't delay your fat loss and muscle building any further by chasing after "new" or "never before revealed" stuff. Doing that will kill your inner confidence. Eventually you won't be able to keep your motivation and like thousands of others every year you'll quit and give up on yourself, because you won't be making much, if any, progress. You deserve better than that.

Even with the best of intentions, most people can only really tell you what worked for them, or what they read somewhere. I'm in a better position though, because I've seen so many graphs from customers of my bodybuilding software, which graphs pretty much everything, diet, nutrition, cardio, weights, the lot. My techniques, advice and bodybuilding routines are proven to work.

As the Biggly Body Plan is now a digital download only, I've kept it affordable for you. I see no reason why you should have to pay $50 or so for an ebook! It took me around 7 months to put it all together and I have to cover advertising, but I think you'll agree it's very fair, in fact I've reduced it from $29.95 because of this recession thing. I'm trying to help people here - and hopefully you'll like it so much you'll get my software too :o)

Hit the big red button right now and you'll be transported to Fastspring, the approved and secure processor of You can download it immediately plus you'll get an email with your link.
PS: The book is an ".exe" file, for Windows computers only. It's not a boring .PDF file and not for Mac's.
You hop and skip around in the book by clicking the blue internal links. You can use the Biggly Body Plan without an internet connection and it doesn't need to install. Just click it to open the contents page.

PPS: Remember what I said about how advice gets polluted? I was so busy ranting I forgot to mention the guarantee! I give a meaty 3 month guarantee for my diet and workout software, as it takes awhile to really see what it can do for you. I'm so sure that following the Biggly Body Plan WILL give you a great body that I'll do the same here. It won't take you 3 months to read it but I want to ensure you're happy, so all the risk is on me. How's that for confidence? Go ahead, hit the button and start building your dream body!
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