Diet Software For Bodybuilders
Diet Software Affiliate Program
Here at Biggly we take a different approach to the usual "Sign up, send us sales and maybe we'll pay you" affiliate program.

Instead, especially for personal trainers, gym owners and similar, we offer bulk licensing for our diet software.

This allows you to provide clients with their own unique license key, which converts the demo into a full commercial version of the Biggly Diet & Exercise Software.

You can either supply the software at a discount, at full price and make a profit, or use your licenses as competition prizes, incentives etc.

Tracking calories, macro food groups, vitamins and minerals, Biggly is simple and easy to use plus of course it covers exercises, both with weights and cardio stuff. It is a fully-developed commercial program retailing at $39.95 and technical support, which is rarely needed, is our problem rather than yours.


You're already in the perfect position to sell or offer such software and can offer $40 value for less than $40 cost

Absolutely no chance of not being paid for each sale

You can supply your clients directly, simply by giving them a number, by email, telephone etc

Users get full commerical license which includes free updates, technical support etc

Users can send you their most recent user file, allowing you to load it in your own copy and see their notes, diet and workouts

Boosts client motivation and results, making you look good!

Sharing of licenses is limited


2 to 10 licenses @ $24.95 each, saving $15 per license

Batch of 50 licenses at $500 per batch

You buy your weights, mats and other equipment in bulk. Now you can buy in bulk and supply your clients with one of the most powerful tools available -
Biggly's Diet & Exercise Software!

Private Branding

Only available to registered Private Trainers and Gyms

Want the links and logo within Biggly to represent your brand? A customized version with your logo can be created and supplied from only $1500, including 50 license keys.

Additional license keys for private editions can be purchased at $10.00 each, minimum order of 10

License activation (one time internet access required) and technical support is still supplied by

What you get:

Your logo on splash screen and within the program
Logo links to your website
"About" screen gives your details as well as Biggly copyright
Program's "Blog" button links to your blog or forum
Biggly Body Index figure becomes YourBrand Body Index

For other forms of customisation please enquire


You must contact us beforehand before purchasing multiple license, as by default the shopping cart will not allow this.