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Biggly is famous as diet software yet less well-known as fitness software. This little article is to change that perception!

Firstly, Biggly does indeed track your fitness - literally.

Biggly Diet and Exercise software tracks your nutrition intake, your cardio exercises and weightlifting, Itís also famous for tracking bodybuilderís BMI! But thereís moreÖ

Biggly tracks 4 key elements of fitness:

Resting Heart Rate
Your heart rate has long been recognized as a key indicator of your fitness.

Top athletes may have a heart rate below the magical 1 beat per second, though thatís somewhat extreme. For most people a rate of around 70 beats per minute is excellent. If your rate is 80 or 90 or even higher, you have serious fitness issues.

Step Test
Your resting rate is a great test but the ultimate test for heart fitness is the step test.

In short, you step and down some steps for awhile, then take your beats per minute figure, rest for awhile and see how quickly, or slowly, your body recovers. The slower the recovery, the less fit you are.

Blood Sugar
With diabetes becoming an epidemic, keeping track of your blood sugar is of vital importance to many people. Biggly canít supply testing strips or anything of that nature but you certain can track your levels, giving you a good indication of what foods and activities affect you.

Blood Pressure

Almost obvious this one and yes, Biggly tracks this as well!

The greatest benefit of such tracking is the massive satisfaction you will get as you see your numbers improving.

A doctor in a white coat wagging their finger at you doesnít have much effect over the longer term, even a coach youíre paying good money to will struggle to keep your motivation going when youíre not seeing or feeling much effect from your exercises or diet.

Once you start seeing your graphs improve however, that all changes!

I hope you can see then that Biggly is more than diet or exercise software; it also makes for great fitness software!

Fitness Software