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Love Handle Software?
Or "How to get rid of love handles in a way that actually works"

There are numerous exercises you can do to help tighten the general stomach area and go for a 6 pack but most of them suffer from two serious problems:

1. They target the wrong area

2. Exercise alone is not enough.

Tough little critturs

Love handles, those annoying little rolls of flab that can ruin an otherwise great figure, are tough little critturs to get rid of.

It's easy to understand why once you grasp a basic fact about how fat is put on your body, and perhaps more importantly, how it's removed.

When your body stores fat it tends to aim, for men at least, at the "love handle" area first. Consider a few points and you'll see that nature is actually being pretty smart here. From the point of view of your center of gravity, it's a good place to put some spare flab without screwing up your balance or making your limbs heavier. Secondly they provide good impact protection for your vulnerable kidneys and could even nullify a long sharp fang. Pretty handy stuff under some circumstances but generally the babes don't buy the "Check out my kidney armour!" line.

First in, last out

Once the love handle area is well stuffed with flab your body starts looking elsewhere for handy storage places, although you will have built up a thin veneer of flab all over by this time.

Where the problem lies is that removing excessive flab, regardless of technique short of surgery, is that the body will remove the flab in the same order it put it on.

Stop and ask yourself, ever seen anyone with a great 6 pack and fat face? Flabby arms? Nope, if they have fat anywhere it's on those dreaded love handles!

As such there is no substitute for a good all-over body plan, a plan of action to generally improve your entire body, making you leaner, more shapely and altogether more desirable. Now that is a worthwhile goal and worth working for, while any attempt at a quick fix will simply not work.

Anyone telling you there is a specific means of stripping fat from a specific part of your body is either talking about liposuction or they're lying.

So what about liposuction?

It's certainly an option but merely existing doesn't necessarily make it a good option. I've never had it myself and cannot say I'm aware of those who have and somehow avoided looking like it, but I have certainly seen those who failed and had out and out dents in their flabby backs and midriffs!

Without the handy love handles your body will still store fat as before, but because you're missing the fat cells of the handles the fat gets deposited all around the gap. This can lead to some pretty unsightly lumps and bumps that if anything look worse than some natural plumpness.

In addition of course you have the usual risks of surgery, not to be taken lightly, and the expense is by no means light either. You're also missing out on that lean shapely and desirable body mentioned earlier.

OK, you're willing to exercise - but how?

Here's the fun bit. While side bends with a heavy dumbbell in the opposing hand can certainly give your "saddle" muscles a good workout I'd actually recommend you spend more time on the following:

By building a shapely and muscular back you can draw the eye away from love handles from behind, without going to the extreme of muscles so bulging that they can alter the shape of the handles themselves. Just put some meat on your back

While squats can hit them hard, consider (in private perhaps!) some serious butt-busting direct workouts on the buttocks themselves. Again the eye will be drawn away from the pesky handles.

Shoulder ball
The general "ball" of muscle around the shoulder is always a good thing to work on anyway and if you can develop a well rounded ball it will dominate your side view - and make the love handles the minor imperfection they are.

From the front view there's little you can or need to do.

Total equipment needed?

One door frame or over-door pull-up bar
One cheap dumbbell set
and the Biggly Diet and Exercise Software!


Yes, because the 2nd part of the equation is to control your diet. You can't control your diet if you don't know what you're eating. In addition the Biggly software comes with my 200 page ebook "The Biggly Body Plan"

While the book teaches you a variety of fat-loss techniques and how to get the best from a resistance and or cardio program, the Diet and Exercise Software gives you the ability to easily and accurately monitor both exercise and diet.

Why you need it

Here I'm going to be blunt, which is often the only way.

You found this page because you were looking for the impossible, some particular exercise or diet that would directly attack your love handles, what is referred to as the "spot reducing fallacy". It simply is not possible and by the question it is clear you're pretty new at this.

What is also clear is that you've made a decision to improve upon your body, you're willing to work to that end and search for the best means of getting there. That's great and I genuinely congratulate you. From my own point of view it was one of the best things I ever did and I literally have a better body at 40 plus than I did as a teenager. It is plenty possible.

And yes, you really can do it.

The Biggly Body Plan was written specifically to address the fact that I could not find such a book when I needed one myself. Most presume you already have a pretty good working knowledge of weight training and claim to offer the best of exotic and sometimes bizarre techniques. Other's presumed I was an idiot and left me wading through stuff about how weight training consists of lifting weights...(who'd have thunk?)

Deliberately aimed squarely at those who've bitten the bullet, decided to improve their body but know they don't know enough to be certain of being effective for their efforts, the plan is as easy to follow as possible while still getting great results

If you're not getting the results you'll quit. It's that simple and most people will quit when faced with mainstream workouts. Instead I'll tell you about the most effective, not necessarily the hardest but most effective stomach exercise, the most effective single diet tip that's even more effective than low carb, the ideal reps and set combination for you for maximum effect, minimal effort and time.

That's what Biggly is all about and why I supply my own custom software to accompany the plan.

The software doesn't monitor the boring stuff like zinc or vitamin B12 but monitors the your fat/protein/carb ratio and overall calories, while the exercise section goes into depth and makes monitoring and graphing extremely easy. Which is exactly what you want when you have a life to lead and just want to improve your body without getting obsessed about it. The techniques, the workouts and the software are all designed to be simple, easy but powerfully effective

Don't waste your time trying to find a magic cure for embarrassing flabby bits. Instead invest some time producing a body you can be proud of.