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The Importance of Taking Photos to Monitor Exercise Progress

My clients always tell me, "I'm barely losing any weight!"

As a personal trainer I always come across this complaint.
After a few weeks of training with me, my clients expect to be
lighter by dozens of pounds but don't understand why after so
much exercise they stay close to the same weight. The answer
is a simple one and a happy one. When we exercise with
resistance training the muscles become denser, stronger, and
larger, and the good news is that muscle weight is heavier than
fat. At the website Better Life Fitness Solutions there is lots of
information on the various ways muscle growth can be achieved
according to your specific goal, from slender toned muscles to
large muscles.

That's why I make it a point to do constant body fat measurements to let my clients know they are making good progress. My clients average a loss of 1% body fat a week, give or take.

Photos are the ultimate proof and motivation

So when you begin your personal training with me I always encourage my clients to
take photos every other day along with the body fat measurements to instill confidence
in my personal training and promote motivation to keep up the exercise program. When
you're looking at yourself everyday it's hard to notice the subtle changes but when
you keep a photo journal of yourself it becomes very apparent the progress you're

Christian Fredrickson
Personal Trainer
Christer Fredrickson
Did you know Biggly Diet and Exercise software has a built in photo album, just for this purpose?