Yes it is for you!
Resistance training, body building, weight lifting, weight training, call it what you will, heaving heavy stuff basically, has a much more powerful effect on your metabolism. Yes, weight lifting, done correctly, actually does raise your metabolic rate all day.

Another great benefit is that it shapes your body, for slim is no fun if simply skinny. That's not Biggly, that's just scrawny.

To score highly on the nearly-famous Biggly Body Index you need a well-shaped body and the very definition of a shapely body is a body shaped by muscle and not blurred by fat. All the dips and curves that make a women strokable and look good come from muscle, with the only exception being your breasts, and even those benefit from the built-in bra of muscle tone beneath.

Think of a woman's skeleton. See anything sexy about it? Me neither. While bone structure can be very influential on a woman's face there are few other bodily bits that on a woman that are improved by visible bone. A kissable collar-bone perhaps and maybe the little nibbly bit on the crest of the hip but generally ribs, thighbones and other bony bits are best smoothed over and shaped by well-formed muscle.

Your muscle's aren't the same shape as mens'
The way your muscles are attached to your frame and the actual shape of the muscles themselves is different. Many women could literally double their muscle mass without noticably changing shape, for even when larger they are still very much a woman's womanly muscles! Woman's muscles are "designed" (if that's not too charged a word nowadays) to be a different shape from mens'. For example take that muscle that loves to hog the limelight when muscles are discussed, the bicep. On a woman the top of the bicep or 'crown' (technical term the brachii) tends to develop much higher up on the arm, trying hard to blend in with the shoulder. The result is that even a substantial increase in size makes little difference to the thickness of your arm's appearance.

In addition, with the correct technique, your bodybuilding progam can build up the brachalis which is the underlying bicep muscle with virtually no change in overall shape whatsoever. Instead you'll just have a firmer arm that keeps it's shape and of course a considerable boost in strength.

Of course while firming up is likely to be high on your shopping list an increase in strength and power probably isn't your main goal - so body building isn't for you? That's a common misconception for if you want a great body you need to build one!

Jogging or cycling for example can help you develop nicely shaped thighs and a pert bottom - but nowhere near as fast as directly working the muscles like a bodybuilder would, with well-proven long established muscle-building techniques! I know when I first realised this I had a definite "Doh!" feeling, for once you think about it, it's obvious!

Why jog in the heat or cold for 30 minutes or more, sucking in car exhaust fumes and getting barked at by the neighbor's dogs, when you could get faster thigh and butt results with a 5 minute squat routine?

But there's more...

Muscles and fat don't mix
Suppose I told you that while you should monitor your calories you may even find that on the Biggly Body Program you could eat the same or even more calories than now and strip away fat? Awesome eh? Must be a catch...

There's no great catch, for while there are many different ways of pushing up your metabolic rate, including weight training itself of course, here's something that very few women have caught on to - muscles slurp up calories! They love the things, can't get enough! Those huge male bodybuilders can shovel literally thousands of calories more than you can eat down their throat and gain not an ounce of fat. That's not because they magically work out more than 24 hours a day, it's because just to maintain such muscle mass they need huge calorie volumes.

Muscles are "expensive" to maintain and here's a fascinating fact - your body will quietly reduce their size without telling you. This is the reason many skinny male bodybuilders, when asking for advice on how to grow bigger when working out doesn't seem to be doing it, will get told by honest trainers "Eat!" Muscles will consume calories, turning to the fat cells if necessary, without triggering the same level of hunger pangs as a simple empty stomach. The result is you can literally melt away fat without feeling hungry. Body building magazines tend to concentrate on selling such men "supplements" but the most effective supplement for them is usually to just increase their calorie intake.

But but..

There are many common objections to the idea of women bodybuilding. Rather than go over them all here what perhaps matters most is the question - "Do those objections mean you don't actually want a lean shapely body that looks fantastic in any outfit?"

By following the tips and techniques in the BBP book and using the supplied Biggly Exercise and Nutrition Software you can accurately and easily monitor your weight training progress, making it simple and painless to "fine-tune" the calories, food group ratios and workout routines that work best for you. The result is exactly the body you want.

It helps you maintain momentum and motivation, which is the most important ingredient of ANY fat loss or body shaping system and because you are literally building it, you get to choose just how your body will be.

If impressive muscular bulges and being stronger than most people in the room is your thing, then that's obtainable. Most perhaps might prefer a more feminine shape but that shape itself is defined by muscle more than anything else. Ask almost any man which he prefers, a skinny woman or a shapely woman and he'll go for shapely.

Don't make the mistake of thinking "shapely" means fluffed up with flubber but "slim" doesn't mean scrawny like a chicken either! In recent years it has been commentated on that certain supermodels are unhealthily skinny as role models, and that true enough and yes it's true that men don't find it attractive and prefer curves, no most women could never get that slim and would suffer if they did etc. What's missing from the debate is the ideal middle-ground, the body that is both healthy and sexy as all heck.

No "slimming pill" or simple diet plan will give you the action-packed body of Angelina Jolie ("Tomb Raider") but a short twice a week workout will do if done properly, monitored and motivated. That's where Biggly comes in - and your old body heads for the exit!

To get started download my freebie demo today, get the hang of it and after a couple of days hit that big red Biggly button for your report. Take a good look.

Body Building for Women

Is a bodybuilding program for you?
Although I cover this topic in a little more depth within the BBP book I figured the topic worth exploring a bit here, for many women, and indeed men, are oblivious to the power of body building techniques for fat loss.

If you've tried doing a Hammy the Hamster in a wheel  impression on your discount treadmill for hours on end and got nowhere, there's a reason for that.

It's because you're on a treadmill... (Sorry, I couldn't resist!)

No seriously, the reason is because cardio exercise, while good at burning calories and fat loss in the short term does nothing in the longer term. Although one hears about how it "raises your metabolism all day!" in reality the effect is ziltch within an hour or so. In short you only burn the actual calories that you burnt, and that's it. That's called working hard!
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